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View from the fortifications at Fassu'ah Ridge
down into Batn Al Ghul.
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From June 1916 to October 1918, war raged through the Arab territories of the disintegrating Ottoman Empire. In contrast to the mud and blood of the Western Front, it seemed a romantic war fought by traditional desert warriors riding camels. And, in Colonel T. E. Lawrence, it produced one of the great British celebrities of the 20th century.

But it was more than this. The Arab Revolt pioneered a new form - a people's war - and helped create the modern Middle East. Now a new field project is underway to investigate the history and archaeology of this seminal event. British and Jordanian colleagues are working with volunteers, students and local communities to map and investigate the remains, record the oral histories, and develop new heritage sites for Jordan and its many visitors.

Welcome to the Great Arab Revolt website. We hope you find it informative. You will certainly discover information about this exciting project, which completed 9 seasons of fieldwork in November 2015. Keep an eye out here, and on the blog at for information about publications, seminars and other activities related to the project.

UPDATE March 2016: Publications are now beginning to come on stream, and there are plans for an exhibition later this year, together with the opening of a new play about Lawrence. The first event is a seminar at King's College London, relating to Neil Faulkner's new book, details of which may be found here.

Shifting Sands - Lawrence of Arabia and the Great Arab Revolt

The exhibition which features the work of the project is now underway in Newark, UK, and will run until at least the Spring of 2017. Items on display include artefacts found by the team in various important sites associated with the Great Arab Revolt, including Lawrence's secret desert camp, sites of battle between the opposing forces, Ottoman camp sites and the location of the train ambush.

Details of the exhibition are available online via the museum information available at The National Civil War Museum, Newark, where the exhibition is being mounted. 


There is also a video describing the exhibition on the National Civil War Centre's facebook page:

Video: The Making of the Middle East 1914-1918: Lawrence of Arabia's War

Lots of new information about the discoveries of the project, including Lawrence's secret desert camp and many found artefacts is now being released via press and media reports, which may be found on the latest blog updates here.

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