Quotes from recent participants

Quotes and comments from members of the group.

“Hot, dusty, tired, but no matter, I was privileged to work in the Jordanian desert with
a remarkable group of archaeologists on a project that counts”.

Charles, California.

“Rather than quick drive-by views with little time to absorb the country, GARP
provided me with the privilege to be part of an in-depth experience in Jordan. T. E.
Lawrence may have described the desert well in Seven Pillars, but nothing can match
actually walking and working in it. It is educational, motivational, inspirational,
exceptional, and good fun, too.”

Charles, California.

The sublime scenic beauty of the sites we excavate will haunt you for the rest of your
life. What's more, nothing compares with the search for significant objects which were
dropped in the sand - Finding even a tiny piece of cloth from an Ottoman soldier's
uniform will fill you with sheer ecstasy!

Veronique, London.

“…..a chance to work with a most engaging group of rogues who have taught me a
hellava lot about archaeology. I'm a three year digger, going for the remaining five!”

Jo, Menlo Park , USA

We are in Jordan to examine and excavate the archaeology associated with the
Great Arab Revolt. However you just can’t escape from the historic landscapes and
archaeology of all periods from Palaeolithic stone tools, Neolithic settlement, Iron Age
towers to Byzantine castles and medieval forts.

Heart-captivating landscape extended family company, and intriguing intellectual

Linah, US / Jordan